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Monthly DMCA Takedown Service

Monthly DMCA Takedown Service

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What is a DMCA Takedown Notice?

A DMCA Takedown Notice is a type of legal document that lays out how two parties can handle the theft and subsequent online publication of copyrighted content or copyright infringement. A DMCA Takedown Notice gets its name from a section of the US Copyright Act called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The DMCA specifically addresses copyright violation and enforcement over the internet.

Can I still file a DMCA Takedown Notice if I do not live in the USA?

Most countries accept the standard DMCA Takedown Notice form and process. Although the DMCA Takedown is part of US Copyright law, a DMCA Takedown Notice is often used and accepted throughout the world and is not exclusive to the United States.

What is included with our monthly takedown services?

  • Notice assessment
  • Google / search engine de-indexing
  • Cease and desist notices
  • Counterclaim support
  • Infringements matched to the source
  • Takedown notice followed by a cease and desist
  • Legal referral
  • Information package
  • Investigation Research
  • Mediation

This service is a professionally managed takedown notice by an assigned case worker who will communicate with you every step of the way. We include full tracking of your case until the takedown has been removed. We do all the relevant research, contacting, emailing, and follow-up.

All this for $249 a month

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Why is Twitter great for OnlyFans?

Twitter, unlike many other platforms like TikTok or Instagram, allows for NSFW content. For most platforms, if you post explicit content, you will get banned.

How do you get views?

That is the secret sauce of Ares! We partner with the right people and make sure your post goes live at the right time.

How do I get on the explore page?

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Why is it so expensive?

While results vary, our clients see on average a 5-6 times return on all money spent.

The longer you market, the better the results.

Do you offer any sort of management services?

Sorry at this time, we are only a marketing company and do not work as a management company.

If you are looking for an OnlyFans Manager, we may be able to help direct you to a reputable company.