Having a hard time gaining new fans on OnlyFans? Feel like your page needs a influx of fresh faces? We got you covered!

Why Twitter?

"Twitter has gone from a place for people to share their every thought to a powerful marketing platform that lets you speak directly to your OnlyFans audience in real-time. it’s no longer enough to just Tweet out a photo, you have to be engaging and marketing yourself the right away. Ares will guide you to the best practices and help market your page to millions of Twitter users."


Compared to the time, effort, and cost of shoutouts, Ares beats every marketing method out there!

Our Network

Our network targets OnlyFans users! Your post will be sent our on one of our advance networks of 30+ pages and over 650k REAL followers. GET REAL RESULTS FAST!

NEW Full Service option! Weekly plans buyers can now have our team build a special Twitter page designed to get your content on the explore page. Clients who get on the explore page normally see 5-15k likes and over 200k impressions. Content is a HUGE factor and we will work with you to make sure you knock it out of the park.


Save $100 and get a dedicated post Monday - Friday during prime posting times. A strict limit of 30 slots are open per week. First come first serve, sorry no holds.

OnlyFans Shoutouts

Get your OnlyFans page infront of thousands of fans directly in their inbox


Why is Twitter great for OnlyFans?

Twitter, unlike many other platforms like TikTok or Instagram, allows for NSFW content. For most platforms, if you post explicit content, you will get banned.

How do you get views?

That is the secret sauce of Ares! We partner with the right people and make sure your post goes live at the right time.

How do I get on the explore page?

The goal of all our posts is to reach the explore page. This can result in MILLIONS of views!

Our team knows exactly how to do this and we will work with you to make the right content.

Why is it so expensive?

While results vary, our clients see on average a 5-6 times return on all money spent.

The longer you market, the better the results.

Do you offer any sort of management services?

Sorry at this time, we are only a marketing company and do not work as a management company.

If you are looking for an OnlyFans Manager, we may be able to help direct you to a reputable company.